Great Change

K.L. is such an inspiration and being in a room filled with women -- women from all different backgrounds, with all different shapes and sizes -- helped me realize what I needed in my life. I believe I've found my niche.  Since that first class, I have progressed tremendously. I now train five days a week with K.L. as part of the Sweat Box Angels Performance & Competition team. He has created an eating plan for me, which is something I would not have been able to figure out on my own. He is a motivational, inspirational, and enthusiastic student and teacher of the martial arts, especially the unique martial art form that I now hold so dear to my heart, Sweat Box.

-Anna Kaufman



Experience great  change

Note: Upon crossing into the second level of Sweat Box training (Phase IB), each ascending student is bestowed a unique nickname.  This historic tradition of giving nicknames is also a part of Capoiera training (i.e. apelido or nom de guerra), kung fu, the Greek system of fraternities, sororities and tribal right of passage ceremonies in many West African societies.  A student’s name can be a reflection of the light the Sifu sees in the student, an adjective to describe a student’s style when they Sweat Box, a great psychological or emotional obstacle one has overcome in life during their time of training, an epiphany or catharsis.  A nickname can even be all that a student lacks but must accept as part of their complete being in order to achieve balance.  The granting of a name in Sweat Box and in any other martial art program is one of the greatest honors, compliments and responsibilities a Sifu can charge upon the spirit of a pupil. 

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If Anna Kaufman can experience Great Change, why can’t you?

Anna joined the Sweat Box Angel program without any experience as an athlete but is a shining example of what one can accomplish in regard to gaining confidence, strength and technical skills in a really short time working one-on-one with K.L. Brown. Her nearly 70 pounds of weight loss over the first four months of training had very little to do with hyper focus on weight or body image. Instead it spoke to K.L.’s larger training philosophy which centers around the diligence, obedience, patience and enthusiasm required to learn Sweat Box.  Sweat Box is not just a sport or self-defense program, it’s a life changing path of self discovery ending in the evolved version of who you were meant to be beyond fear and limits.

Nickname: Madonna    Phase 2B