I honestly cannot say enough good things about K.L. He is remarkable in his ability to push you to the point of failure, and then show you, teach you how to transcend, over and over again, until it becomes part of your person. He is insightful in recognizing the specific hurdles each client has, and dedicated to getting anyone (who will apply themselves) through, even if she can’t yet see how or where or why for herself, on her own. K.L.’s intensity and drive are contagious, his creativity in keeping you motivated and moving forward is endless.

He becomes more invested in his regular clients than they may ever have been in themselves. I’m pretty sure he memorizes everyone’s exact exercise plan, how much weight they lift, etc., and will tailor a program specific to one’s physical and mental weaknesses/needs, and comprehensive fitness goals.

He will appropriately but doggedly focus on your imperfections (thereby externalizing them); freeing you from ruminating on what you don’t like about yourself, so you can concentrate on just working hard.  Your fitness goals become much less emotionally charged, and much more attainable. He will distract you with dance, music, laughter, and spirit to the extent that you are just having fun, and experiencing the joy that exercise can be.

When you sign up to work with K.L., you also join a fantastic group of women in the Sweat Box classes who are already part of his clan-women who have trained with him at any time in the past.  These are strong women who have started to realize their goals, and the value of their guidance.  K.L. is building a community of Sweat Box Angels-women you see most days in the gym, whose triumphs and struggles will inspire and educate you on your own path…They help you feel part of a larger whole, to stop focusing on yourself and the little imperfections (liberating), and to sweat your ass off and have a good time.

Lastly, I am more than willing to spend money (even money) that I often don’t have…) on training with K.L. , because I believe it is one of the best investments in my long-term health and fitness that I will ever make. And that, to me is priceless…

K.L. has a gift that is worth much, much more than his training fees. I truly believe we will him doing something grand someday; he will not go ‘undiscovered’ long…I highly recommend jumping at the chance to learn from him while you can!

Jasmin Field, M.D.



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In 4 Weeks of Fantasy Camp Training with K.L. Brown

Dr. Jasmine Fields lost 30 pounds and 12% of her body fat.  Fantasy Camp Training is usually reserved for out of town visitors looking for a fitness booster shot or members of the Sweat Box Angel Progressive Training Program in need of extra help and attention in preparation for a match.  Once a member of the Angels Progressive Training Program, you have unlimited access to K.L. Brown as a private coach given schedule availability.   Preference is given to competitive athletes.