I have never been in better shape in my life.  I am both mentally and physically stronger since training with K.L. He has a gift for finding what motivates a person and nurtures that motivation.   

I began training with K.L. after realizing I was overweight and out of shape. Unlike most women I had a “skinny” complex. I thought I was thinner than I actually was. I had never been a person to go the gym and once I began taking aerobic classes I realized how unfit I was. I realized that I needed to begin a training program, but was completely intimidated by the weights and nautilus equipment and had no idea where to begin; so I took a Sweat Box class taught by K.L. I enjoyed the class and found K.L. to be an excellent motivator.  It was then that I decided to train with him. I was thrilled to see dramatic results in the shape of my body in the first couple of weeks! I now look forward to my training sessions and classes.

In addition to K.L.’s support, he has introduced me to some fantastic women who also train with him. During our group training sessions, we motivate each other. When one of us is down, the others lift her up. I could not ask for a more powerful support unit.  I am very fortunate to have participated in K.L.’s training program. I highly recommend K.L. to anyone with a desire to feel and look great!

-Laura Mamayek

nickname: Ms. Confidence  Phase 2b




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Laura Mamayek advanced from Phase 1A to Phase 2B, lost 34 pounds and traded in her long time cigarette habit for a lifestyle of health self-defense training with K.L. Brown.