Advancement: Phase 1A-Phase IB Only


  1. Bullet 2 Private Sessions Weekly

  2. Bullet Sweat Box Beginner Class Saturday 9 a.m.

  3. Bullet Personal Training, Strength & Nutrition

  4. Bullet Basic Boxing

  5. Bullet Beginner Level Sweat Box


SWEAT BOx ANGELS NOn-Progressive training
SWEAT BOx angels ALl women’s Boxing & Kickboxing team
All sales on training packages are final and must be used within 120 days of purchase
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personal training with K.L. Brown

10  private sessions               $1500

20 Private sessions               $2900

30 Private sessions               $4200   


Not Interested In Boxing, Martial Arts or Dance? 

There is no weekend class commitment for this option. Privately train with K.L. Brown, one of the nation’s most sought after personal trainers at the exclusive private  training studio conveniently located near Chestnut Hill.  Includes: Nutritional Counseling, Life Coaching, Strength Training and Body Transformation for Women, Men or Young Adults.    


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10 private sessions + Dojo               $1500 

20 Private sessions + Dojo              $2900

30 Private sessions + Dojo              $4200   


Advancement: Phase 1A-Phase III



  1. Bullet Unlimited Private Instruction

  2. Bullet Team Sessions (Saturday & Sunday a.m.)

  3. Bullet Personal Training, Strength & Nutrition

  4. Bullet Competitive Amateur Boxing

  5. Bullet Competitive Kickboxing

  6. Bullet Advanced Study of Fight History & Science

  7. Bullet Advanced Instruction In Technique

  8. Bullet Advanced Sweat Boxing

Earn Progressive Discounts

The Longer You Train

0 to 3 Months     $2,999         Unlimited Private Training 

3 to 6 Months       $1,499       Unlimited Private Training

6 to 9  Months      $999         Unlimited PrivateTraining

9 months +             $999/every 6 months

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Sweat Box Progressive Training

The More You Learn The More You Earn...