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Progressive Training

Female Amateur Boxing

Amateur Kickboxing

Advanced Sweat Box

Hip Hop & Dance   

Artistic Exhibitions

QiGong  & Meditation

Academic Curriculum

Elite Performance  Training



Non-Progressive Training

Non-Progressive Training 

Phase 1A - Phase 1B

 One-On-One Training w/ K.L. Brown


 Saturday Dojo @ 9 a.m.- 10 a.m.

 Beginner Level Boxing & Sweat Box

For years, local Boston, New York and LA area celebrities have been booking one-on-one time with K.L. Brown as an exclusive private trainer. Apart from running the Sweat Box program, K.L. conducts intensive training camps for professional fighters, off-season conditioning for athletes, get-away-fantasy-fitness-camps and private training for everyday professionals looking for a holistic fitness retreat or who desire to make training a lifestyle.  Sifu Brown’s training services and philosophical approach to wellness extend to all ages and fitness levels.  If you are looking for more than just a trainer; and also seek a motivator, life coach and advocate; K.L. Brown is more than willing to work with and for you to achieve your true physical and mental potential as a human being.  Contact info@sweat-box.com to schedule a personal training consultation.

K.L. Brown C.P.T., Specializes in:  Marathon & Triathlon Training, Figure & Bodybuilding, Sports Conditioning, Rehab & Body Transformation
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All Women’s Boxing & Kickboxing Team

All Levels Are Welcome

Phase 1A - Phase III

0 to 3 Months     $2,999                          Unlimited Private Training 

3 to 6 Months       $1,499                          Unlimited Private Training

6 to 9  Months      $999                               Unlimited Private Training

The progressive training program encourages new clients to not only continue training but also advance in skill from Phase 1 on up through Phase 3 of the training program. You don’t have to be a great athlete to start Sweat Boxing, you merely need to be open to the idea of learning to defend yourself in a variety of ways, working hard and having a positive attitude.  The average private training session at a health club can run $100 to $140 per session.  Conversely most boxing gyms cost $150 per month but don’t include one on one instruction. K.L. Brown gives ambitious clients the opportunity to learn and change their body at an accelerated rate while learning a unique style of martial arts that starts with boxing. 

Earn Increased Discounts Simply For Training Harder.  Unique training design for over achievers and competitive clients.