Start With A Drop In CLass For $20
Sweat Box All Women’s Saturday Dojo                                   

Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.   
 185 Green Street,  central square

Join us every Saturday for Sweat Box fundamentals, hip hop dance and nuanced self-defense techniques. Saturday Sweat Box Dojo is more than just the typical drop in dance or aerobics class. The fact that each member of the class has the opportunity for one-on-one private training with Sifu K.L. Brown (see 1-week trial special for $99) allows for the structure of dojo to progressively become more advanced over time without alienating new members from joining. No need to worry, if you don’t have training yet or this is your first class, this is where every one gets started. Grab your gloves and come join us! Sweat Box will quickly become you new thing!

Things Newcomers Should Know:

  1. Bullet Saturday Class caters to all levels. 9am-10 am is the beginner level class

  2. Bullet Dress Code: All Black Fitted Workout Wear

  3. Bullet Recommended Equipment: Hand Wraps, Boxing Gloves & Mouth Guard

  4. Bullet Class Includes Basic Hip Hop Dance Instruction

  5. Bullet Class Includes Basic Boxing & Kickboxing Drills For Self Defense

  6. Bullet Sweat Box is reserved for women who are members of the Angels Program

  7. Bullet Expect To Sweat!



185 Green Street

Central Square, Cambridge, MA

Call (617) 905 3666 To Reserve A Spot

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