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About Sweat box

Origins of Sweat Box

Sweat Box was established in 2001 and is the world’s first martial art form specifically designed for women.  Developed by Sifu K.L. Brown, Sweat Box is an empowering physical medium and training program through which women can express themselves freely and creatively without the formal rigidity normally associated with traditional martial art forms.   Unlike other historically significant martial art forms like Karate, Taekwondo, Capoeira and Wing Chun (which was developed by a woman, but not gender specific in regard to its practice); Sweat Box was strictly formulated to address the unique perspective of women in sport.  Along with being a highly evolved martial art discipline, it is a hi-impact form of fitness and exciting pathway to spiritual empowerment.

The Art of Sweat Box

The art form is an uncanny fusion of boxing, martial arts, dance and gymnastics that functions as sport, fitness and entertainment.  Sweat Box combines sensuality, grace, power and aggression to create a playful physical discourse between its participants and instructor.  The synergistic choreography contained in Sweat Box can closely be compared to the male-female partner elements involved in Salsa or ballroom dance. Thus,  women with dance backgrounds or who possess a deep interest in the musicality of this discipline will quickly find Sweat Box to be a creative form of fitness therapy.  

It doesn’t matter if you are an individual without any prior experience in martial arts or dance.  The beauty of our art form is contained in the individualized nature of your one-on-one instruction with the creator of Sweat Box, Sifu K.L. Brown.  In Sifu Brown, you will find yourself a teacher, life-coach, guide and relentless motivator.   With his direct help, it will only be a few months until you begin doing things with your body you might have never thought possible and creating athletic art you may have never imagined.

Sweat Box as Sport & Combat

Alternatively, Sweat Box is a blended martial art that contains elements of boxing, wushu and taekwondo and thus, can be utilized for combat and competition. At the more advanced levels of training within Sweat Box (See Sweat Box Angels Performance & Competition Program), our clients frequently participate in sparring workshops, amateur boxing, kickboxing and martial art exhibitions. This gives Angels the opportunity to practically apply their diverse skill set. 

Upon entering the Sweat Box program, a client can clearly define their own path by trying out for the performance and competition squad or joining the many number of working professionals, students and exercise enthusiasts in the non-competitive personal training program.  For more information on Performance & Competition Training, click under Our Programs.

Sweat Box as an Internal Art Form- “Getting Lifted”

The hypnotic high often associated with Sweat Box is specifically referred to as “Getting Lifted.”  For many clients, training can erupt into a surreal fervor in which Sweat Box ceases to be sport and evolves more into a medium of spiritual and psychological transcendence.   This heightened state of mental and spiritual awareness can be evidenced in ancient religious and cultural ceremonies associated with trance dancing in West Africa or what some athletes call “runner’s high.” 

Similar to Qigong training in Kung fu, there is a deep internal component to the study of Sweat Box.  For our advanced clients (note: This does not apply to all of our clients. For example, many Sweat Box Angels simply use the training as a fun source of exercise), meditation and deep focus training will become part of your training to help take your body and mind to another level of mastery.

“At its purest form, Sweat Box is designed to push an individual to jump for the moon. Even if you never reach the moon one can expect to walk among the clouds; just high enough to communicate with God.” –Sifu K.L. Brown.

Physical Benefits of Sweat Box Training

Sweat Box increases an athlete’s physical stamina, hand eye coordination, timing and overall fitness.  In learning the sport of Sweat Box, you can also expect to reach extreme proficiency in boxing, gymnastics, and dance.

Additionally, the physical benefits to training for Sweat Box are extremely effective and profound. The average client loses 9 pounds and 2.5 percent body fat during their first two weeks of training.  Keep in mind, weight loss and body fat reduction are not the ultimate goals of the Sweat Box Angel Personal Training Program, but must be mentioned because of the profound impact of fitness on an individual’s psychological view of themselves.

Sweat Box has an ultimate goal of not only changing the body, but also maximizing the potential of the body to perform athletically.  As a client of this program, you can expect your fitness level and conditioning to be on par with a competitive olympic athlete in twelve to sixteen weeks of training.  You can expect to gain self-confidence and self-awareness. You may also experience an improvement in cognitive ability and spatial intelligence.

The Sweat Box Angels were established to serve as an alternative sport program for women seeking a path in the martial arts and fitness.  The Sweat Box Angels Program offers a unique learning environment and fitness community, conducive to women flourishing as both athletes and human beings.

As a Sweat Box Angel, you can expect to experience much more than just personal training. Sweat Box is a school of athletic, cultural and internal learning.  This program is designed to challenge your mind and intellect, just as much as your body. In this program, you will be valued as more than just a client, team member and student.  You will be valued on the basis of the positive energy and light your spirit projects out into the greater world and women around you.  Any personal training program or boot camp class can acquire clients. In Sweat Box, we seek to discover and cultivate a sisterhood of Angels who have an appreciation for physical artistry and human growth.

Five Points Of The Pyramid

The goal of your training as a Sweat Box Angel  (client) is to seek to master five basic elements: EQ-Librium, Body Shaping, Sport Specific Conditioning, Community and Sweat Box.

EQ-Librium: In brief, this is a discipline of nutrition management, personal control and balance.  As a client in the Sweat Box Angels program, you can expect to have assigned reading that includes, but is not limited to, research articles and the basic study of nutrition. You will gain a fundamental knowledge of nutrition as well as engage in focus training and meditation that deals with the psychology of dietary behavior. You will receive training in self-accountability as opposed to being introduced to yet another pass/fail diet program.  EQ-Librium is not a diet-plan. It is a proven system for teaching individuals how to educate themselves on proper nutritional habits and the power of self-control.

Body Shaping: This term in Sweat Box is synonymous with body transformation, bodybuilding, strength training, toning and weight loss.  Our program emphasizes changing not only body composition, but also the body function of our clients as athletes.  This is accomplished via weight training, cardio training and cross training.

Athletic/ Sport Specific Conditioning: Sweat Box training focuses on sport specific conditioning derived from boxing, kickboxing, dance and gymnastic conditioning. To train as a Sweat Box Angel is to be one part fighter, one part endurance athlete and one part extreme performer. Therefore, the workout regimen includes flexibility training, acrobatics, ballet, African dance, hip hop, power lifting, sparring, agility and balance training for both boxing and the martial art components of Sweat Box.

Community: An essential goal of the Sweat Box program for women is to build a strong network of support for women in sport and fitness. Part of what makes Sweat Box so attractive to individuals from all over the country is the camaraderie that exists amongst female professionals, entertainers and athletes who all share the commonality of Sweat Box. This elite, yet inclusive, community of Angels serves as a source of collective strength and provides a broader and balanced perspective on the teachings of the legendary martial artist who created the sport.

Sweat Box: If the goal of this community is to achieve internal and physical Great Change, then Sweat Box is the vehicle through which the women in this training program achieve it.  Increased athletic intelligence along with spiritual enlightenment represent the pinnacle of Sweat Box training.  Elements from three different sports and at least four different dance forms have been blended to produce one of the most pure forms of athletic artistry ever conceived.  Click on the Video Gallery to see the art form and our clients in action.  Many of these reels from actual Sweat Box training sessions serve the purpose of showing just how quickly a non-athlete can change into a Sweat Boxer literally overnight as well as showing off the cool and uncanny art of Sweat Box. Sweat Boxing is much more than kickboxing or boxing; it’s a rhythmic fusion of aggression and flow on the pads between instructor and pupil, man and woman, drummer and dancer.

D.O.P.E  - The Four Character Traits of a Sweat Box Angel

This historic program for women was designed to function as a school of truth and understanding for competitive and non-competitive athletes.  The women in this program range in athletic ability, body type, ethnicity and age; but there are two things they all share in common: (1) the constant desire to strive for perfection, without the disillusion of having to be perfect and (2) to be a Sweat Box Angel, is to strive to be D.O.P.E. –Diligent, Obedient, Patient and Enthusiastic.  It is with these four character traits that a woman in this program may progress through the various phases of enlightenment and self-discovery.


Most traditional martial art programs contain a system of advancement represented by a belt system (e.g. white being the initial rank and black indicating a higher level of mastery or readiness to learn).   Sweat Box consists of a phase system connoted by different color bandanas. Each level bandana (referred to as a halo) serves as a symbolic indicator of varying degrees of light or athletic and personal growth.

The Phases

Phase 1A- The Indoctrination  (white halo with white logo)

Phase 1B- Discovery (white halo with black logo)

Phase 2A-The Evolution (red halo with white interior)

Phase 2B-The Transition (red halo with black interior)

Phase III (Level 1-9): Ascension (black halo with gold interior)

A more detailed account of what each phase symbolically represents is given upon your application and acceptance into the training program as part of your client orientation.

Sweat box Angels
Sweat box rose foundation

K.L. Brown founded the Sweat Box, Inc. Rose Foundation in 2008 as a non-profit charity dedicated to funding breast cancer research and the treatment of diabetes.  A percentage of all retail sales earned from Sweat Box products and services are donated on behalf of the Rose Foundation. This includes: Sweat Box Angels training packages, retail from the Sweat Box Couture clothing line and music sales from our independent label and the band Millennium Funk.

Besides serving as a charity organization dedicated to funding research for breast cancer, the Rose foundation also provides training scholarships for survivors and type II diabetic women seeking to improve their overall health status. If you are a survivor, type II or borderline diabetic, Sweat Box offers an 8-week mini fitness camp, known as Camp Great Change.

Through a variable scholarship, the Rose Foundation will pay for up 90% of your training cost (depending upon an individual’s financial need).  You will receive personalized attention, personal training and fitness counseling directly from Sifu K.L. Brown, as well as gain strength from the other female professionals who are a part of the Sweat Box support network.  In regard to pre-diabetics, Camp Great Change is intended to expose individuals with a correctable condition to a healthy lifestyle choice.  Alternatively, survivors of breast cancer are reminded of the will and perseverance necessary to keep on living through the art of self-discovery and transformative training.

Sifu K.L. Brown and Sweat Box have made it a paramount priority to ‘make-a-way-out-of-no way’ for highly motivated and deserving candidates.  Write to us and tell us your story in the form of a letter or e-mail (info@sweat-box.com).  It is time for you to reclaim your existence.

Sweat box Couture

Since 2002, Sweat Box has been a martial art form and cultural phenomenon, through which, a community of women in the United States have been altering the face of fitness.

The fashion line inspired by this fitness movement is everything that this diverse collection of women have been and are: progressive, intelligent, enduring and supportive. Over seven years of research and testing have gone into engineering a line designed to be both flattering and functional for women during a multitude of activities, from yoga to dance. These garments successfully give birth to a sophisticated level of cool-casual and are suitable for the varied lifestyle of health conscious professionals.

The Evolution, the first line offered by Sweat Box Couture, dares to accent human movement by projecting chic fitness culture onto the bodies of a global work out community. Moreover, in keeping with the spirit of change, Sweat Box, Inc. donates a percentage of every retail sale toward two worthy causes: breast cancer and diabetes research and treatment via the Sweat Box, Inc. Rose Foundation. The vision of Sweat Box Couture, not unlike the celebrity fitness guru behind it, is to understand the way the body moves, support it where it does not feel secure and flaunt it in the places it feels most comfortable.

"Over the years, I have gained valuable insight from thousands of women who take part in my training program and classes, while listening to them voice their concerns about work out clothes. I've heard it all regarding attire that is functional but boring, or cute but completely incapable of supporting women properly during long runs and classes. My vision, as a trainer, is to change the health lifestyles of women who are self-proclaimed goal setters. My vision, as a designer, is to create high fashion that serves as the natural extension of a woman's body as she moves from goal to goal. In my estimation, this is the true definition of evolution-from one state to the next. The next level of fashion…the next level of giving…the next level of love."

-K.L. Brown

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