About K.L. Brown

K.L. Brown was born in the South Bronx, N.Y. and is the founder of the Sweat Box Martial Arts Training Program designed for women. He first began studying southern style kung-fu and kenpo at the age of five and later would go on to win numerous regional and national karate championships. It was at the age of 11 that he began to foster his love of boxing through J.O. youth programs at Gleason’s and the Police Athletic League.  As an amateur boxer and youth competitor, he won both New York Silver Gloves and Golden Gloves titles before moving on to coach world class competitors as an Olympic and USA boxing coach. As a break dancer and performer, K.L. Brown was featured in the seminal hip-hop film Beat Street.  These unique and varied interests along with the desire to cultivate community values,  foster self-esteem and create a diverse training niche in the fitness industry ultimately led to him developing the historic Sweat Box Angels program for women.


Cornell University 

Boston College Law School 

Fitness Bio

Junior Karate National Champion

Amateur Silver Gloves Champion

Amateur Golden Gloves Boxing Champion

USA Boxing Coach

7th degree Black belt

28 yrs. Experience: Kenpo, Taekwondo, Wushu & Chinese Lion Dance

ACE & NASM – CPT, AFAA Group Instructor

Published Fitness Author & Motivational Speaker

Chief Designer, Sweat Box Couture

Founder, Sweat Box, Inc.


If you have a desire to change your body, lifestyle and nutrition habits, K.L. has a proven track record of amazing client stories that date back over twenty years.  Young professionals, students, athletes, celebrities and even retirees have all sought out and benefitted from the unique motivational touch that K.L. provides as a fitness guru. His training philosophy hinges on old school strength conditioning, clean eating and holistic life coaching.  If you’ve had little success working with gym trainers, classes and exercise physiologist, K.L. Brown is the fun and hardcore alternative you’ve been searching for. He offers individualized programming for non-athletes designed to elicit elite athletic results. Extreme weight loss, strength gains, toning, postural alignment and an increase in your overall confidence are just some of the benefits you can expect as a personal training client of K.L’s. Out of town clients can book extended one-on-one or two person retreats by scheduling a private fantasy training camp (info@sweat-box.com).  If you live in Boston you can schedule appointments with K.L. at his training lab located near Cleveland Circle in Chestnut Hill. K.L. also has limited availability to train at your private residence or gym for an added travel fee.  Call (617) 905-3666 to get started.

Before @ 235 lbs.

3 Months @ 165 lbs.

If you desire individual training and one-on-one attention but also seek the added dynamic of working in a group atmosphere provides, K.L. has designed the perfect hybrid program. Unlike the personal training service he provides, Sweat Box Angels Personal Training is exclusive to women and intended for clients who are interested in learning how to Sweat Box as an alternative form of self defense and creative discipline.  The Angels Personal Training Program typically involves working with K.L. for two private weekly sessions and attending the all women’s class on Saturday mornings.  This historic program offers the best of both worlds for women looking to change their bodies and gain confidence via a free flowing art form.  Gain access to K.L. as both trainer and Sifu (teacher) by entering Phase 1A of Sweat Box Training where you will begin earning your rank in this formalized system of training.  As a student in this program, K.L. will teach you the basics of boxing, how to throw and defend kicks as well as provide formal instruction in the basics of hip hop dance as it applies to learning Sweat Box.  Angels Personal Training consists of non-contact drills, controlled application, learning basic Sweat Box combinations on the focus pads and advancement through to Phase 1B.  Newcomers should contact info@sweat-box.com to schedule a free Saturday Dojo preview and consultation for training.

K.L. has structured the Angels program to allow beginners the ability to advance and progress according to their interest level and athletic experience.  The P&C (Performance & Competition) Program gives K.L. greater opportunity to work with you if you are interested in expanding your boxing skill set to include competitive and amateur fight training through USA Boxing. K.L.’s full contact women’s program includes personalized coaching in Olympic style boxing through Phase 1A & Phase 1B of your Sweat Box training.  Stand-up kickboxing and advanced Sweat Boxing (i.e. combinations involving gymnastics and dance) become a larger component of training later on in your journey during the second and third Phase.  If you’ve always had an interest in traditional boxing and competing, training with K.L. will be one of the best decisions you could ever make.  Different from taking classes in a boxing gym, training with K.L. will provide you with the one-on-one focus you need to advance your skills forward at an accelerated rate.  Film study, analytics, required reading, exams, tutorial sparring, open sparring, team training, strength conditioning and intense pro style fight camps (designed to work around the busy schedule of a working professional or student) are all part of K.L.’s intense and personalized P&C curriculum.  Like the journey to black belt in other martial art disciplines, P&C training with K.L. is not only the warrior path, it is the enlightened path to discovering your heart. 

Option 1:    Personal Training

Option 2: Angels Non-Progressive Training

Option 3: Sweat Box Angels Progressive Training

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